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I’m Martin.
Here’s a bit about me.

“I know that no single approach is the right one for every case. Ethnography methods allow one to get immersed in realities and social universes that can give us as many perspectives as solutions to any of the challenges we are facing as a society”
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My history

Human Sciences

Originally from Argentina, I have always been interested in the study of human sciences. At the University of Buenos Aires, I earned my degree in Social Anthropology with an orientation in Visual Arts. My photography career took off around the same time, where I quickly discovered my passion for the documentary form. 


Throughout my working life, I have remained closely connected to the University of Buenos Aires’ Visual Anthropology Program, as well as the Permanent Program of Research, Extension and Development in Indigenous Communities of Argentina, where I have made several photographic and film projects related to memory, identity and the history of different social groups. I have presented my work in well known galleries and cultural centers, and I've had the honor of learning from Masters like David Allan Harvey (Magnum), who have influenced my journey in visual expression.

About Us

In 2010, I led a photography and critical memory workshop with the Wikina Wos indigenous community in the Chaco forest region of Argentina. It was there that I began to investigate the oral history of this ethnic group, resulting in grants and awards from the National Fund for the Arts to produce a documentary film called "Na Sam" (About Us). In 2018, “Na Sam” was selected as a finalist for the best documentary film at the Berlin Motion Picture Festival, and continues to screen internationally today.


I have found that visual storytelling is indispensable when researching and communicating unknown worlds. As such, I have adopted a methodology in my ethnographic work that is participatory and inclusive, authentically representing the points of view of the groups I’m documenting. 

Native communities

My visual research has led to the creation of foundations, such as based in Buenos Aires, dedicated to carrying out developmental projects with native communities in Argentina.


In 2018, François and I launched 3Roots Studio. In this role, I am excited to contribute my in-depth experience in visual and ethnographic research, developing captivating content and producing authentic communications campaigns for companies and international organizations that are promoting positive changes in our society.


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